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   Growing up in an Alsatian French village, Isabelle dreamed of "running off to New York City". When she did, at 21, it was to pursue the linked goals of acting, singing and dancing.  At the New York Film Academy Conservatory she studied Acting on Camera, Meisner Technique & Shakespeare. After graduating from that program she was invited to join the Michael Chekhov Theater Company where she worked with a group of talented actors and performed in several one-act plays. While living in the Big Apple, Isabelle also studied with the late  Elizabeth Kemp, renowned actress, teacher and acting coach, using the techniques of Konstantine Stanislavsky and Lee Strasberg, including relaxation and sensory work. 

   In January 2014, Isabelle moved to Los Angeles to concentrate on film, commercial and television work and has since been cast in a TV Pilot (“Green Card for Love”), performed in music videos (BTS: "Permission to dance", Ryan Calhoun: "Coffee"), short movies (“Mockingjay: Burn”, "Sophie in Hollywood"), Commercials, auditioned for Oscar winners and nominated artists. 


   In California, Sitterle took weekly acting classes with Brian Letscher ("Scandal", "Valor"),  Deryn Warren where the emphasis is on Off & On Camera: Monologue, Scene and Audition Preparation.  Her biggest challenges were Improv classes at the reputable "IOWest" and "The Second City" schools. During the Pandemic in 2020/2021, Isabelle studied with Christine Horn: "Book more TV!", Tish Hicks: "Introduction to Voice Over" and with Coach Valorie Hubbard. 

Since June 2021, Isabelle studies with David Rountree at the wonderful LA ACTING STUDIOS, filming scenes on set.


   Over the years Isabelle has played teacher, nurse, counselor, mother, best friend, hostage, and detective with a range of affect and tone that have impressed her directors and colleagues. Notably, she is also fluent in French, German, her native Alsatian dialect, and English.


While she can play shy and bold, tender and tough, her most representative personal traits are the gutsiness and enthusiasm that led her to launch herself across an ocean at the tender age of 21 and to create a wholly new life in the United States.


   In all her roles, both on camera and off (as a world class hospitality professional -at Gramercy Tavern and Bouley among others – and an elite level Child Caretaker/French tutor), she has exhibited professionalism, reliability, and creativity. 



2010 - present


2010 - present

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